Payment Terms

WWW.4-Bid.Com Online Auctions accepts the following methods of Payment

* Cash
* Cashier’s Checks
* Money Orders ( payable to B. Turner)
* Visa/Mastercard – up to $5,000.00 only
* Bank Wire Transfer (for instructions call 612-840-4578)
*( Personal & Business Checks are accepted Up To $ 500.00) NO EXCEPTIONS, however, 4-Bid Auctions reserves the right to require a Bank letter of guarantee, guaranteeing payment in full, without condition upon demand. ( Sample Bank Letter )

We have staff at the removal location to handle payments of cash, cashier’s Check, or money order made payable to, or you can pay with credit card by phone. Contact (John) to arrange for payment by phone.

A down day is allowed between the auction closing day and the first payment/pickup day. On this down day Wire Transfers should be arranged and conducted. Call (Marc) to have wiring instructions emailed to you. High bidders/purchasers are expected to make arrangement for removal, riggers, etc. so that they can conform to the pickup days allotted.

When and Where Minnesota State Sales Tax is applicable it will be invoiced on top of the sale price plus buyers premium since the buyers premium is considered part of the contract sale price in accordance with state law. SALES TAX EXEMPTION

You need to submit a tax exempt form each event with your bidder number and the sale closing date prior to the conclusion of the auction.

For resellers or tax exempt, provide a copy of your state exemption certificate.

If you are tax exempt, prior to the conclusion of the online auction you must email a copy of the appropriate state exempt form. Get form from . You must include your bidding number and the closing date of the auction. Forms without this information will not be accepted and you will have to apply to the state for a refund.